Put up or shut up

Attention players: our “Put Up or Shut Up Tournament” will be taking place on Saturday 8/13 & Sunday 8/14 (2 day event). $4,500 added! There is no tournament entry fee, only a $40 side pot fee. Players can pay the side pot fee Saturday morning or pay earlier by visiting Gotham before the event. The last sign up is Friday (8/12) at 12 noon. There will be no more signups allowed after 12 noon on Friday. If you show up on Saturday and have not signed up yet, you will not be able to play in this tournament.

Be sure to indicate whether you play in the Tri-State, Predator, or Castle Tour, BCA, APA or Megabucks league & what your rating is. If we are unsure of a player’s rating we will contact the player or Tour/League operator to verify ranking or notify player they do not qualify for the event.

See the list of already confirmed players for this tournament by clicking here.

We are following Texas Express 9-Ball rules, rack your own, 9 ball does not count in the 2 lower corner pockets near the rack, you do not need to call the 9 Ball, break anywhere from behind the head string. Race is to 6 with a true double elimination final (loser must beat the winner twice). The tournament begins at 11AM on Saturday August 13th. It is scheduled to be a 2 day event. The side pot will be paid to the first 4 spots. The prize fund will be paid to top 12 players.

We will make every effort to have the D/D+ play in their bracket & C/C+ play in their bracket. There is no handicap between the C/C+ & no handicap between the D/D+. Only when a C/C+ plays a D/D+ will the D/D+ player get 1 game handicap (yes, even if a C+ plays a D there is only 1 Game handicap). Although no shot clock on each individual match, matches will be stopped after 1 hour 45 minutes, regardless of the score. The tournament director will notify the players at 1 hour 30 minutes they have 15 minutes remaining in the match. If it is a tie at the 1 hour 45 minute mark, the winner of the current rack being played will be the winner of the match. Keep in mind, if the tournament director sees a player deliberately playing slow, we will institute a 30 second shot clock for both players until the match is completed. This will help the tournament run more quickly & we will be able to tell each player a more exact wait time between matches.