There is no tournament entry fee, only a $50.00 side pot fee. The side pot funds will be paid to the first 4 players. Room will open at 10 AM on Saturday. Players can pay the side pot fee Saturday morning or can pay earlier by visiting Gotham before the event.

We are following Texas Express 9-Ball rules, rack your own, 9 ball does not count in the 2 lower corner pockets near the rack, you need to call the 9 Ball. Race is to 7 with a true double elimination final (loser must beat the winner twice). The tournament begins at 11AM on Saturday, March 10th It is scheduled to be a 2-day event. If we do not reach 64, we will accept players Saturday morning up to 10:15AM. The field will then be closed (even if we do not reach 64). The side pot will be paid to the first 4 spots. The prize fund will be paid to top 12 players.


$5,000 Added!

Date: Saturday, March 10th & Sunday, March 11th, 2018

Doors open at 10am • Tournament starts at 11am

No tournament entry fee • $50 side pot fee

This is a B/B+ Player event.


1st: $1,500
2nd: $950
3rd: $750
4th: $450
5th/6th: $300
7th/8th: $175
9th/12th: $100


Name *

*Please note that C players can only play if we do not reach 64 players in the B field*

List of VERIFIED B and B+ Players

Nick Antonakos
Mario Argentino
Dan Boersma
Jon Borglund
Gary Bozigian
Kyle Bubet
Kevin Chong
Vincent Cresimano
Jim Davis
Kapriel Delmelkonoglu
Quoc Dinh
Alberto Estevez
Jose Estevez
Michael Farley
Dan Faraguna
John Francisco
Josh Friedberg
Mike Garretta
Shashi Hajaree
Andrzej Kaldan
Gregory Kane
Ray Lee
Boris Manzheley
Salvador Marcelo
Brian Marshall
Joshua McCauley
Vincent Morris
Patrick O’Connor
Eric Opitz
Robert Pamilar
Chris Peralta
George Poltorak
Mike Pruit
Rikki Ragoonanan
Nathaniel Raimondo
Bryan Rodgers
Xavier Romero
Kevin Scalzitti
David Shlemperis
Thomas Schreiber
Harry Singh
Junior Singh
Julian Tierney
Michael Toohig
Liam Tully
Lukas Fracasso-Verner
Umit Yolcu
Amy Yue Yu

List of C Players

Pashk Gjini
Ambi Estevez
Chuck Granville
Tony Ignomirello
Melvin McCullen
John Morrison
Frank Pesce
Joe Wilson Torres